आखिर क्या है पब्लिक टॉयलेट के दरवाजे ऊंचे होने का राज

The mystery behind partially enclosed public toilet stall doors decoded

New Delhi:  Public toilets are probably the most uninspiring places in the world. We just wish to spend as little time as possible in one. But, have you ever wondered why don’t the stall doors of public toilets go all way down?

Photo for Representation

Here we have listed some of the possible reasons that you must know.

1. Makes cleaning easier:

Mopping and cleaning become easier with these doors. The water can flow easily as compared to when it is fully enclosed.

2. Someone can lend you a helping hand:

In case you forget something to take inside, your friend standing outside can help you out with this. Maybe if you run out of toilet paper you can ask for it and easily take it from that big space. This would be less embarrassing, we guess!

3. Allows one to realize whether the stall is occupied or not:

Anyone who enters the restroom can easily determine whether the stall is occupied or not. This will help you in maintaining the privacy of others. There won’t be unnecessary banging on the door and will also prevent unnecessary queue outside. Good. Isn’t it?

4. Open stalls have better ventilation:

It is obviously essential for proper ventilation in public restrooms. Thus, an open air stall will provide better ventilation and ease in the flow of air.

5. Not an issue if you get trapped inside:

The space below the gate can help you escape easily if you get locked inside. You can just crawl and be out in seconds!

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