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What Is Online Education? online classroom

admin - 12:39:00 am

Online education is also known as distance
learning and consists of taking classes via the
internet. More and more students take online
classes because of the flexibility and
convenience it provides. You can attend class
sessions from the comfort of your home and
complete assignments at almost any time of
the day.
Online classes are great for individuals who
have a demanding work schedule and family
responsibilities. In addition, online classes are
more cost efficient because they doesn't
require any commuting, allowing you to save
on gas and the wear and tear of your vehicle.
Online courses are also great for individuals in
the military or who travel frequently. The
distance learning format allows students to
pursue education through an out-of-state
school without having to transfer residence.
However, there are some clear cons to online
education, including:
Limited direct contact with colleagues and
Fewer opportunities to join on campus
clubs and extracurricular activities