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Indian Rummy Tips and Tricks to Win Rummy Games Online

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Indian Rummy Tips and Tricks to Win Rummy
Games Online

Everyone wants to win and if you win your games
with some style and applying some tricks, it acts
like the cherry on the top. Most of us play card
games with our friends and family members and
we feel really bad if we loose and it makes our
day if we win, so why not learn some rummy
tricks and tips that might help you win some
rummy games:

Rummy Trick 1 – Making pure sequences
The first thing a rummy player must focus upon is
to make pure sequences. As per the common
rummy rules, you should aim at making two
sequences from which one should be pure
sequence. This rummy trick helps you in
minimizing the points that you get even if you
loose. A related rummy tip or trick here is to use
the Joker to make the second sequence.
Rummy Trick Tip 2 – Using more than three
cards in a sequence
People think that they can only use three cards to
make a sequence and have to make a set with
four cards but a player can use more than three
cards too to make a sequence (pure sequence or
a sequence with a joker).
Rummy Trick Tip 3 – Discarding cards that carry
high points
Cards like Jack, Queen, King and Ace carry the
highest points and the trick here is to discard
high points cards first so that even if you loose
the game, you dont get a lot of points. This
rummy trick does not recommend you to just
discard high point cards, the tip is to think
carefully when discarding the high point or low
point card/s. Also, if the opponent declares and
you still have some idle high point cards and you
also have a joker, use the joker to make the
sequence with the high point cards to minimize
the points.
Rummy Trick Tip 4 – Using Jokers Wisely
If you get a joker, just dont fix the use of that
joker i.e. keep thinking about different ways to
use the joker/s because you would find that there
are more than one way to use the joker. Also, as
rummy rules need you to make at least two
sequence, you can use the Joker to make one
non-pure sequence too.
Rummy Trick Tip 5 – Keeping an eye on the
cards of the opponent
This is one of the advanced rummy trick that
players learn with experience but once learned, it
will help you a lot. The tip here is to remember
the card your opponent is discarding and the card
that the opponent is picking. A player should
always think twice before discarding because one
should try and make sure that the opponent will
not pick that card and thats the exact place
where this rummy trick helps. For example, if the
opponent has discarded 5 of hearts, it is likely
that he will not pick a 6 or 4 of hearts so if you
have 4 or 6 of hearts as the idle card, you can
discard it safely as the chances that the opponent
will pick that card are lesser (not zero). Also, if
you discarded a 7 of spades and the opponent
picked that card, it means that the opponent is
either making a sequence of spades that has a 7
in it or a set of 7. Here, the trick is to remember
the interest area of the opponent and not discard
a nearby card and try to discard any other card.
The above mentioned rummy tricks and tips are
not going to guarantee your win in each and
every rummy game but when you apply these
tricks while playing rummy, you soon will realize
that the number of games that you win has gone
up. So, what else do you need
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