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happy diwali 2014 happy dipawali

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Happy Dhanteras 2014 SMS – After celebrating
Dusshesra, people must be looking for the actual
date of dhanteras as this festival is on our door
step. Dhanteras is one of the most important
festivals which get celebrated before the
celebration of Diwali. Dhanteras is made up of
two words. First is Dhan that is for money or
wealth and second is for teras that is for 13 .
Basically this festival falls on the 13 day of
Krishna Paksha. On this day Godess Luxmi gets
worshipped in order to have wealth and
prosperity in our lives or family. But these are
not all about dhanteras actually people do send
some SMS messages to their loved ones in order
to send them the blessings. If you are looking for
the same then we would like to tell you that your
search ends here as below we are going to
provide you some amazing and best Dhanteras
2014 SMS.
Happy Dhanteras 2014 SMS
Dhanteras ka shubh din ayaa,
sabke liye nayi khushiya layaa,
Lakshmi Ganesh virajee apkee ghar me,
sada rahe sukho ki chhayaa,
Happy Dhnateras!!
Happy Dhanteras 2014 SMS
On the auspicious day of dhanteras puja,
Hindus follow the tradition of purchasing precious
gold, platinum or silver, in the form of jewellery,
coins or utensils, for good luck!!
Happy Dhanteras 2014 SMS
Laxmi aayegi itni kii sab jagah Naam hogaa,
Laxmi aayegi itni kii sab jagah Naam hogaa,
Din raat vyapar bade itna adhik kaam hogaa,
Ghar Pariwar samaj me banogee Sartaj,
Yehi Kamna hai hamari aap ke liyee,
Dhanteras kii Dhero Shubh Kamanaye,
Happy Dhanteras.. !!
Happy Dhanteras 2014 SMS
Dear Godess Lakshmi,
Bless the reciepent of dis message,
with thirteen times Dhann,
on this Dhann Teras,
Happy DhannTeras!!
Happy Dhanteras 2014 SMS
God’s blessing may come as a surprise,
And how much you receive,
Depends on how much,
your Heart can believe,
May you be blessed beyond,
what you expect
Subh Dhanteras to you and your Family!!
Happy Dhanteras 2014 SMS
Khoobb meethe meethe pakwan khayee,
Sehat me char chand lagayee,
Log to sirf chand par gaye hai,
Aap us se bhi upar jayee,
Happy Dhanteras!!
Happy Dhanteras 2014 SMS
Asur parajaye, devta vijay divass,
Laxmi vaas, Laxmi kripa, jay ghosh divass,
Amrit payoo devta aur jeevan payo rajkumar,
sukh-samradhi-dhan-vraddhi-dev divass,
Dhanteras ki aapko hardik Shubkamnayen!!
Happy Dhanteras 2014 SMS
Dinodin badhta jayee apka karobarr,
Pariwar mee bana rahe sneh aur pyarr,
Hoti rahee sada apar dhan ki bocharr,
Aisa ho apka dhanteras ka tyoharr.
Happy Dhanteras!!
Happy Dhanteras 2014 SMS
May this Dhanteras Celebrationss
endow you with opulence and prosperity
Happiness comes at your steps
Wishing many bright future in your life
Shubh Dhanteras!!
Happy Dhanteras 2014 SMS

Bhaiya Dooj 2014 Wishes - is one of the most
important Indian festivals of Hindu religion. This
festival is known by all the religion. Every year
people do celebrate this festival with lots of fun
and enthusiasm. This is the festival especially for
brothers. This festival is known by lots of names
such as Bhau-Beej, Bhai Tika, Bhai Phota. This
festival gets celebrated by the festival of Diwali.
As we all know that the festive season has just
started. Recently all of us had celebrated two
most important festivals such as Dusshera and
Karva Chaut and still the list of celebrating some
other important festivals is awaited. Bhaiya Dooj
is the on the second day of the bright fortnight
which is called Shukla Paksha of the Hindu
month of Kartika. People do celebrate this festival
by distributing sweets and wishes to the loved
ones. So if you also want to wish your loved
ones, relatives and friends on this beautiful
festival then there in this article we are going to
provide you, Happy Bhaiya Dooj 2014 Wishes.
Check these out.
Happy Bhaiya Dooj 2014
Your love makes me feel proud.
And on this day I want to shout it out loud.
Happy BHAI DOOJ my brother!!
Happy Bhaiya Dooj 2014 Wishes
It means so much to have you around,
As with your presence everything seems just so
God may bless you bhaiya
Happy Bhai Dooj
Happy Bhaiya Dooj 2014 Wishes
The Old Year has gone.
Let the dead past bury its own dead.
The Bhai Dooj has taken possession of the clock
of time.
All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming
twelve months!
Happy Bhai Dooj to you.
Happy Bhaiya Dooj 2014 Wishes
Sky is blue, feel this hue,
My love is for you Bhaiya…always true.
Loads of good wishes for Bhai Dooj!!
Happy Bhaiya Dooj 2014 Wishes
I absolutely treasure the wonderful relationship
we share.
It’s so precious, unique and rare.
And when an occasion like Bhai Dooj comes
I wish for you every happiness and pray that it
lingers long.
Happy Bhaiya Dooj 2014 Wishes
You were always my best friend,
looking out for me, making sure
the path I travelled on was smooth.
Even if I searched the world over,
there cannot be a better brother than you.
Happy Bhaiya Dooj 2014 Wishes
Holi is colorful,
Deewali is lightful and brightful,
Bhai Dooj has made our relationship POWERFUL.
Wishing you a happy bhai dooj!!
Happy Bhaiya Dooj 2014 Wishes
To the outside world we all grow old,
but we know each other as we always were.
We know each other’s heart.
We live outside the touch of time.
Happy Bhai Dooj
Happy Bhaiya Dooj 2014 Wishes