6 useful tips for Crack the SBI Clerk exam 2014

For the post of clerical cadre, the State Bank of
India conducts examination for its nationwide
branch network.

It is one of the most popular
examinations and a huge number of candidates
from all over India apply for this SBI Clerk
Examination every year.

Till now the examination
has been conducted through offline methods, but
this year it will witness a sea change in its pattern,
with the paper to be conducted online.

It would be an objective test and since many
candidates would appear for the first time - many
facing an online exam for the first time - questions
regarding how to go about its preparation, what to
study, what not to study and where to focus on are
likely to hover around your mind. For this purpose,
we present before you some tips, by following
which you can get a strong hold over the subject
areas to be covered along with ideas on how to go
on with the preparation.

1. Get an in-depth knowledge about the syllabus -

Before proceeding with the preparations, it is
always advised to study the whole syllabus that is
coming thoroughly. The main subject areas that
are covered in the examination are general
awareness, general english, quantitative aptitude,
reasoning ability and marketing aptitude and
computer awareness. There are many good and
genuine websites, which offer practice and mock
test papers. Manorama Year book and Competition
Success Review will also help.. Do read
newspapers on a regular basis.

2. Speed practice -

The key factor in competitive
examinations is speed. Practice at home
completing papers with a set time-limit. Test
yourself that on which topics you have a strong
and a weak hold. Try improving the latter. During
the examination, if you are doubtful regarding any
question, do not waste your time pondering over it
for a long time, as it would eat away your time to
complete rest of the paper. Rather, move on to
other questions and in the end try attempting it.
Do not panic.

3. Recorded lectures and coachings -

classes are available almost everywhere. Join a
good coaching class for enhancing your
knowledge or work upon the area you are weak in.
Also, there are many people who are working
somewhere and cannot afford time for such
classes. For them the best thing would be to
purchase CDs or DVDs of recorded lecturers which
are always up to the point and provide appropriate
information. They provide flexibility of place and

4. Beware of the negative marking -

During the
examination, mark an answer only if you are
completely confident about. If you'll just make wild
guesses, it may lead to negative marking.

5. A week's preparation is not enough -

In most of
the cases, the students start preparing for the
examination just a week or few days before the
paper. This is a very wrong method to apply as
nobody can become a perfectionlist in a day or
two. Plus lack of preparation would never yield
anything positive. So keep aside your laziness and
start preparing 9-10 months earlier for the
examination. Even if you're good at most of the
subjects, you still need to be in practice.


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