Pawa waterfall shivpuri

Pawa waterfalls are located in the Pohri district of
the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

lie at a distance of 40 kilometers from Shivpuri.

Shivpuri has been named after Lord Shiva of Hindu
mythology, as several tales are believed to have
taken place in this area, by Shiva. The Pawa
waterfalls also descend near a majestic statue of
Lord Shiva.
The Pawa waterfalls drop into a tank,
called the Pawa Kund, whose depth is about 500
feet. The late months of October to March are
suitable for the best view of these falls. The falls
originate from the River Pawa and hence named
after it.

The Shiva Temple

A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is also located
near the Pawa Falls, narrating the events that
happened there during mythological times. The list
of hotels available for tourist accommodation are
Hotel Chandela, Radisson Blue Hotel, Usha
Bundela, Hotel Apna Palace, Sarovar Portico,
Fortune Landmark, Ginger, Hotel Amrit Residency,
Hotel Balwas International and Hotel Mangalcity.
The nearest area inhabited near the Pawa cascade
is Shivpuri, the places to visit in Shivpuri along
with the Pawa Waterfall are Sultan Garh Falls,
Bhoora Khon Falls, Chhatris, Tatya Tope Memorial,
Survaya ki Garhi, Madhav National Park, Sakhya
Sagar Lake and Boat Club, Shivpuri District
Museum, Shri Pachrai Teerth, George Castle,
Mahua Shiva Temple, Bhadiya Kund, Terahi
Temple, Madhav Vilas Palace, Son Chiriya Bird
Sanctuary, Karera Bird Sanctuary, Jungle Safari,
Shri Shantinath Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra
and Narwar Fort. Some of the important places
have been explained in detail below:
A marble umbrella or chhatri has been erected by
the Scindia rulers of MP. The tombs of these rulers
can be visited in the Mughal Gardens attached to
the place. The place is a classic blend of Rajput
and Mughal architecture.
Madhav National Park
Madhav National Park covers an area of 157
square kilometers in Shivpuri. The wild animals
that can sighted in the Park are chausingha, nilgai,
chinkara, tiger, leopard and chital. The resident
birds of the Park include Painted Stork, White
breasted Kingfisher and Heron.
Madhav Vilas Palace
Madhav Vilas Palace was the summer retreat of
the Scindia dynasty. The Palace consists of a large
terrace, a Ganapati Mandap and the flooring is
done in marble stone. The color of the Palace is
soothing to the eye, a soft baby pink.
Recreation and Religion
The Pawa waterfall is surrounded by low lying hills
and greenery, created by the jungles around.
These falls have a religious importance attached to
them, due to the presence of the Shiva statue in
the area. People also visit this location for
worshipping the statue of the Lord. According to
the local myths, the desires of those visiting this
place are fulfilled here. The place is also suitable
for recreational activities such as scuba diving and
snorkeling. However, only skilled divers with their
own personal equipment should attempt at these
activities, as there is no facility to provide for the
required things near the fall.

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