Narwar tourism

Narwar is a town and a nagar panchayat in
Shivpuri district in the Indian state of Madhya
Narwar is a historic town and the Narwar
Fort is just east of the Kali Sindh River and is
situated at a distance of 42 km from Shivpuri.
Narwar was known as Narwar District during the
times of Gwalior State. It is mentioned as Nalpura
(Nala's town) in many medieval Sanskrit

The Narwar Fort is famous for its
architecture and is very ancient. The fort is
surrounding by the Kali Sindh River. There are 3
dams namely as Harsi Dam ,Mohini Sagar and Atal

The narwar is a very good tourist place due
to its surroundings by river Kali Sindh and
archaeological importance of Narwar Fort.

Presently the Fort is being renovated by the
Archaeological Survey of India.

How to Reach : The nearest Airport Gwalior is 100
km and the Railway Stations are Gwalior, Dabra,
Shivpuri and Jhansi. The Road Transport is about
80 KM from Gwalior, 64 km from Dabra, 42 km
from Shivpuri.

Main attraction- 1. Narwar fort
2. Lodhi mata

3. Atal sagar dam
4. Mohni sagar dam
Harsi dam
6. Tapkeshwar temple
7. Chodah
Mahadev temple
8. Lakhna devi temple
9. Kali
sindh river
10. Jain Mandir fort

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